Drawer boxes

A stylish form of presentation that allows you to display products in a simple and elegant way and encourage customers to buy them.

Pull-out boxes (drawer)

More and more companies are starting to pay attention to the presentation of their products, because proper display on store shelves can have a significant impact on sales. One way to stand out on the market and attract customers' attention is to use drawer packaging.

In addition to the practical use of storage, drawer packaging can be used as a stylish form of presentation. You can display your products in a simple and elegant way and encourage customers to buy them. They will certainly appreciate such a gesture and will have a positive experience with a company that cares about its image and uses reusable boxes.Submit an inquiry


A modern offer of drawer boxes - innovative and functional solutions that will give your products a unique character. Our pull-out boxes are the perfect combination of aesthetics and practicality, ensuring not only safe storage, but also attractive presentation of products.

We offer a variety of box sizes and configurations, tailored to the specific nature of your items. The drawer mechanism ensures convenience of use while protecting the contents from damage. Solid workmanship from the highest quality materials guarantees durability and customer satisfaction.

Take advantage of competitive prices and flexibility in order fulfillment to meet all your expectations. By investing in drawer boxes, you are investing in professional and modern packaging solutions. Contact us to discuss the details of cooperation and emphasize the uniqueness of your products!
i1.png Practical accessories Increase the functionality of the box by equipping
it with various types of accessories: a handle, a magnetic
or ribbon closure, a cardboard or sponge insert and many others.
i2.png Refinements Stand out from other products and give your boxes a unique
character. Refinements in the form of hot-stamping, gold plating
or foil will turn each package into a premium product.
i3.png Guarantee of quality We use the highest quality raw materials to produce boxes.
A modern production line ensures high repeatability
of products and quick execution of orders.
i4.png Free quote Get an instant free quote for any packaging project,
regardless of its complexity. Complete the short form
and our representative will contact you.
Only 3 steps to start production
Type of box Choose the type of box and decide whether you want it to be closed, retractable, or consist of a bottom and a lid?
Preparation of graphics Send us the print design of your packaging. If you don't have one, we will design the box according to your expectations.
Selection of additions Choose accessories such as various types of closures, handles, inserts or refinements. Give your packaging a unique look!
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