Advertising productions

We have machines for processing plastics, wood, metal, cardboard, paper and cardboard.

We weld, bend and die-cut materials from plastics to paper.
We combine wood with metal, metal with cardboard, wood with cardboard, well! even cardboard with cardboard or wood with wood. And metal with metal is history 🙂

We draw all the forms ourselves.
The design studio prepares the most appropriate form of packaging, stand, display or other form of POS. It develops the most optimal production technology and selection of materials from the technical and marketing side.

Sometimes it is possible to achieve very high-quality products at a much lower cost. They are the place where all packaging prototypes, welcome packs, displays and many other POSs are made. Don’t tell them that, they’ll break, but they’re really a tight-knit group of professionals.
And let it not be – we have our own equipment to make more damage and we will not hesitate to use it 🙂